So I was asked by Mr. Colin Sanders… the ninja himself to write a letter or email about my experience with purchasing a 2010 Lincoln Navigator through him.

I chose email as he would never be able to read my writing! Here we are back a few months ago and I was searching for a navigator for quite sometime… seems they are slim pickens here in Saskatchewan. So I changed my Kijiji search to the western now NDP province of Alberta. Here I found numerous Navigators in my price range. One of which was Ninja Colin’s. So I sent an email and without hesitation Colin emailed back shortly there after and the process was started!
Emailing and calls back and forth in the coming days it came to our attention that he had once lived about half an hour where I am now in a neighbouring town! Well now that that was out there I started really getting serious in dealing with Colin as you could somewhat call him local! Within 2 weeks of our first conversation not only was my navigator delivered to Regina but it came bearing gifts from Ninja! It was a real pleasure dealing with Colin and he has now gained a client for future purchases from here on out! In the deal I also gave him the oppurtunity to take a vehicle I no longer had use for to sell at his dealer!

It was a real pleasure dealing with the Ninja team and I really look forward to working together in the future! Thanks again NINJA COLIN!!

– Perry